“This lady is healed !”


In 2006, Margret Dianne Fermin, my third child, enrolled at University of the Philippines (UP) –Baguio City taking up Bachelor of Science in Biology because of her desire to be a doctor someday. After one year, she became weak and sickly. Several laboratory tests were administered for her and it was diagnosed that she had kidney problems due to the exposure to the hazardous chemicals in her laboratory works. Her immune system became weaker each day, so in 2008, we decided to stop her study.

We looked for the best Physicians here in Cabanatuan and in the National Kidney Institute in Quezon City. Medications were so expensive. But my wife and I thought that everything is controlled by God. Continuous medications followed. We confined her in the private hospital for almost every month every time she collapsed with fever and other side effects of the 21 pieces of medicines she take every day. Also, her weight grew up to 110 kg or 242 lbs. Due to hormonal imbalances. We prayed a lot for her survival and for her financial needs.

After one year, she recovers and able to continue her studies at UP Baguio in other course Bachelor of Arts in Language and Literature. Continuous medications and check-up and an average of two confinements in the hospital for four years happened in her life. Thank God for the finances.

Last January 5-7, 2012, we attended the National Convention of MLFI in Marikina and I believed in my heart that God has something to do with my family and in our church in that 3-day convention.

During the last day, I told to my co-pastors that I will not be the winner of the motorcycle, this is for somebody who needed it most. But I won greater prizes; it happened that I won books from Rev. Larry Mackay and Brendon Stewart with a 1000 peso-bill.  Glory to God!

But God was not finished to bless us. When Rev. Larry Mackay called everybody to bless and anoint the delegates with the prayer shawl, my wife Juliet asked the picture of Margret from my wallet and she said, “I will bring it to touch by Larry and I believe God will heal her. “ Rev. Mackay touched my daughter’s picture and he said “This lady is healed.” My wife cried because she believed that God healed our daughter through the power and mercy of our Lord.

We went home, and after a couple of days, Princess (her nickname) took another blood examination at NEGS Hospital. After a few hours, my wife Juliet shouted with glad, and tears of Joy when she read the examinations results. They were all negative. (Creatinin, SGPT, Trileceride, Urinalysis, Protein, CBC and Cholesterol).

As of now she loosed almost 8 kg weight in just one month and her doctor allowed her to have physical exercises such as biking, swimming and other activities which she cannot done before due to her conditions.

After six year of on-off studies, Princess will be graduated this coming April 19, 2012 at University of the Philippines-Baguio City. She is our church Praise and Worship Team head (Keyboardist and guitarist), Cell leader and an active discipler engaged in Campus Ministry.

All Glory and Honor To Him!

Rev. Mario A. Fermin Juliet F. Fermin

Host Pastors

MLFI Church, Cabanatuan City