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Larry Mackay
Larry Mackay

Larry MacKay has had a world-wide ministry for over 40 years, Building Ministerial training Centers, Christian Schools, hosting seminars and spreading the “Gospel of the Kingdom”

Larry MacKay was raised in a Pentecostal Christian home in Duncan, B.C., Canada, but turned his back on God during his adolescence. Larry attended the University of Victoria and was planning on spending his life in the field of retail marketing. At the age of 21 a friend convinced him to join the Mormon Church to improve his life. Larry and his fiancé Joy, joined the church and began attending services. Larry began teaching a Sunday school class of 10-12 year olds and Joy worked with the youth. After a year, both Larry and Joy felt the Mormon Church wasn’t meeting their spiritual needs.

            In 1968, at the request of his parents, Larry attended an A. A. Allen camp meeting in Miracle Valley, AZ and was gloriously saved and filled with the Holy Ghost. As a Mormon he thought he was saved and filled with the Holy Ghost, only according to the Mormon doctrine, which was quite different from his experience in Miracle Valley in 1968. In the Mormon Church Larry was baptized in water and some elders laid hands on him to receive the Holy Ghost, with the gift of speaking in tongues. They told him this gift would help him learn foreign languages faster than a normal person. But at camp meeting in Miracle Valley Larry fell on his knees at an old fashion alter and prayed the sinners prayer and asked Jesus to come into his heart. A friend he had met at camp meeting prayed him through to the real baptism of the Holy Ghost, with the evidence of speaking in tongues. When Larry returned home to Canada Joy came to pick him up at the airport. When she saw him she asked him what had happened as his face looked completely different from when he left her a week earlier.

            Larry felt a calling into full time ministry and applied to attend Bible School in Miracle Valley. In January 1969 Larry moved from Canada to Miracle Valley and began his formal Biblical education. For two years Larry studied and prayed in preparation for the ministry. After three month away from Joy some minister friends led Joy to the Lord and she joined Larry in Miracle Valley. At Bible School Larry and Joy were married on June 1, 1970. While attending Bible School Larry was asked several times to be a guest speaker at the Miracle Valley Church, when the Pastor was absent.

            Larry had a vision one night where he saw himself riding in a pick up truck that was going up a mountain. He looked over and saw Don Stewart was driving the truck. The truck kept getting stuck in the mud and Larry would get out of the truck and go behind it and push it out of the mud. All night long Larry saw himself pushing the truck out of the mud as the truck moved up the mountain. Larry told his best friend the next day, “I know what I will be doing when I graduate from school, I will be helping Don Stewart with his ministry, pushing his truck out of the mud”.

            After graduating from Miracle Valley Bible School Larry and Joy went to work for the Don Stewart Association Worldwide Church and worked there for 40 years. Larry started as janitor in the church, then dish washer in the cafeteria and finally working in the office. Larry performed a number of different jobs during his 40 years in the office; purchasing agent, marketing director, communications director, operations director and finally Executive Director. Larry was ordained in 1971 and served for many years, along with his other responsibilities, as Director of Miracle Life Fellowship International, the ministerial arm of the Church, Co-Pastor of the Don Stewart Association Worldwide Church and Director of offices in Canada and the Philippines.

            Larry has traveled extensively for the Church and been a seminar speaker at many conferences in different countries of the world; Canada, England, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Brazil, Uruguay, Africa and the Philippines. In 2000 Larry personally sponsored and built the Destiny Training Center in the Philippines. The Center trains and equips young men and women that have a call on their lives to go into full-time ministry. Larry also sponsored and helped build the Baler Christian School in the Philippines. The school educates children from kindergarten to the sixth grade.

            In 1983 Larry’s best friend died of cancer. Larry became involved with cancer research and started helping cancer patients looking for an alternative to traditional treatment. In 1988 Larry started a charity, Cancer Aid and Research Fund, to support research and help cancer patients. Larry also encouraged his family members to get involved. Larry’s wife Joy wanted to help women with breast cancer and thus Breast Cancer Research and Assistance Fund was started. Larry’s son Michael graduated from the University of Arizona with a degree in family studies and wanted to help children with cancer and thus Children’s Cancer Aid and Research Institute was started. A good friend died of heart disease and thus Heart Disease Research Institute was started.

            While traveling to many 3rd world countries Larry also discovered that the hospitals and clinics were void of medical supplies, equipment and humanitarian aid. In the USA there is plenty of these items being discarded. So Larry set out to rescue as much of these supplies as possible and send them to those in need, wherever the need existed. These supplies are a treasure to the needy. Since 1988 millions of dollars worth of medical supplies, medical equipment and humanitarian aid have been shipped to hospitals and clinics in 3rd world countries.

            In 2010 Larry felt God was calling him into full time ministry, instead of working much of his time in administrative work behind the scenes. Larry felt God calling him to the front lines of battle, to recruit an army of prayer warriors to stand and pray for the ministry and each other every day, to commit to helping him preach the gospel around the world. Thus, Kingdom Now International was incorporated!